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    March 14, 2009


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    How is that "by the book?" The father worked in the US for many years without a green card.

    The sad thing is MANY more Brazilians and others could be permitted to come to the US legally if Mexico didn't so severely abuse immigration, making up more than 50% of all illegal immigrants.

    Daily Rio Life

    I am not American and certainly not an expert on immigration. My husband has been working here in Brazil for over a year and we still don´t have proper documentation (we still don´t have RNE´S) my point - supposedly that´s par for the course, these things take a lot of time...

    When I say by the book I mean she did things by the book, ie) being honest and returning to Brazil. Which it now seems that she is being punished for, which I find very unfortunate as she is now separated from loved ones!

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