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    March 11, 2009


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    Account Deleted

    what an unfortunate incident. unfortunately, street/car thefts are far too common in latin american cities. we must always keep in mind that we live in cities where anything can happen. that's why we must always be street smart, even (especially) when frequenting upscale establishments. i just hope that couple wasn't trying to save a few reais by not using the valet service. i would urge everyone to ALWAYS use the valet service, especially if you're driving a nice vehicle. you can never be too safe. and when compared to the prices of valet services in the states/canada/eu it's a bargain!

    Daily Rio Life

    I don't think that the valet part was really the problem, the fact that he thought he knew the people approaching certainly didn't help.

    You are right, valet service is very reasonable here!

    Ray Adkins

    That is why I truly believe that everyone that uses drugs and buy drugs are directly responsible for this kind of absurd, they support this kind of criminal activity in the city.
    I still think Brazilians are too complacent with this kind of absurd.
    They are also too easy on crime and criminals get away with murder too often.
    It is a terrible thing and I wish people in Rio would be mad enough about it to pressure their government in creating a truly professional police force which is not what they have now!
    Criminals know the police is too weak and unprepared and they can get away with anything...
    Shame, shame...

    Daily Rio Life

    So true about the drugs.
    It is really unfortunate! Although if it weren't for Rio's problems, it would be hard to come up with a reason for everyone NOT to live here!

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