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    February 18, 2009


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    Mrs S

    I was SO mad when Jason picked the other two girls (especially Molly ugh)! Jillian was definetely my favorite and I am glad you said that is really the way she acts because I thought she seemed like the most genuine! She is so cute!

    Daily Rio Life

    I didn't like how he always uses the reason "we're not in the same place"... the past 2 times. Come on, buddy!


    Brazil is not in any way a 3rd world country and dental service is pretty good there, much much better than in Europe for example (I can't compare with Canada).

    Daily Rio Life

    Ok, developing country, in MANY ways.

    I did a bit of research on "third world" and discovered that "developing" is a better, more accurate and less offensive term and will endeavor to use it instead.

    As a sidenote - the definition of a third world country is underdeveloped in terms of their economy or level of industrialization, globalization, standard of living, health, education or other criteria for 'advancements'- imo but much of Brazil's population lives in areas that fall into many of these categories.

    All of that aside, fantastic to know about the dentists! - Do you have one here in Brazil you can recommend??


    Sorry, I do not have any names or telephones since it's been awhile since I lived in Rio. But I can assure you they're very good especially when compared to European dentists (in fact, there was a bit of chaos when Brazilian dentists started working in Portugal and they were MUCH better and more developed and Portuguese dentists lost hundreds of clients and started to protest). I'll try to do a little research ;D.

    And the term "3rd World Country" is a little offensive because only REALLY undeveloped countries are called that. There are really miserable areas in Brazil but Rio, São Paulo etc are NOT 3rd world in any way and, in fact, the Human Development Index in those cities are equal to First World countries.

    Daily Rio Life

    That would be great thanks!
    And - noted! But I still see a lot of places in Rio without things like proper sewage, education seems to be "optional" at best and not up to the same standards as other countries, and I don't consider that to be "developed" but maybe my standards are different than the index's...

    Simi Valley Dental Group

    Thanks for sharing this idea. I know it's not been new to me but i am glad you also shared this. Good job! and Keep it up!

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