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    February 28, 2009


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    It was bought by Burger King. They're gonna open their first store in Leblon there.

    Ray Adkins

    The stray dogs is most likely an European cultural characteristic, you also see stray dogs all over Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Hungary etc...

    Daily Rio Life

    Andre - Interesting. Any idea as to the projected timeline?

    Ray - What I am curious about is why there are so many everywhere else but NONE in our neighbourhood... seems a bit suspect...

    Account Deleted

    Where are those stray dogs you're talking about? Hardly see any in the Botafogo/Flamengo area.

    Daily Rio Life

    Pretty much everywhere in Brazil other than these areas. As far as Botafogo/Flamengo goes, I don't spend a ton of time there, but I have noticed at least a FEW in that area. Here are are NONE... I find it odd.

    Account Deleted

    I'll keep my eyes open for them, and might even send a picture if I find one! ;)

    Daily Rio Life

    That would be good.

    I think that perhaps my attempt to be super subtle was a bit too successful... what I am really wondering is if there is some sort of squad of dogcatchers in the area...


    I am secretly hoping it will become another Starbucks. But for 6 months now, it is just vacant and sad. I vote for a Starbucks or a NY Bagel store. Bring on the bagels!

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