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    February 26, 2009


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    Wow those photos are awesome! It looks like it must have been a blast!


    Great pictures! It looks amazing. I've never really felt the desire to go to Rio for Carnaval - I've thought that all the chaos and jacked-up prices might be better avoided - but now I'm thinking it may just be something to look at for next year.


    The parades at the Sambodromo are definitely a must see. I did it in the bleachers - looks SO much better in the box seats!! One of these days I will parade. Oh, the woman is Luma de Oliveira. She is the madrinha of the Portela bateria and apparently she was really upset at the grade the bateria of Portela got (knocking them out of contention and giving the title to Salgueiro). She is in and out of the news, especially after she divorced her multi-millionaire husband a few years back.

    Mrs S

    All of the costumes and the RICHNESS of the colors are amazing! I loved looking at them! Thank you!

    Daily Rio Life

    I highly recommend it!


    The "girl above" is Luma de Oliveira, a famous model (she holds the record number of brazilian Playboy Magazine... 5 covers in total).

    She is not really a "girl" anymore. She is 43 years old.

    Daily Rio Life

    Well she looks great for 43! Wow


    Your photos bring me right back there..I was at Sambodrome for Sunday night, 2/22/09, from around 8pm-5am and had a blast! But your photos are 100times better than mine were. I enjoyed Rio and want to return to Brazil. Thanks much for your blog...i've read about 25 items in this first sitting!!

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