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    February 27, 2009


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    Wow.. I have never heard or seen that before!!! Is that really in Brazil!!! You expats here do have a different life from ours hahaha !!! i just looooved your blog :)
    Im going to be an exapt in The Netherlands in less then a month... I'm scared and very excited !!! ^^

    Hope we talk one day

    Daily Rio Life

    Where do you live currently?


    Koni is absolutely amazing. I go there like once a day, seriously. The only thing is that service there sucks. It's absolutely terrible. But the cones are amazing.

    My paulista friends are completely in desbelief though that 'temaki' is called cone in Rio though.

    Daily Rio Life

    One of my girlfriends was addicted too when she was visiting here! Which one is your favorite?

    That is funny about the Paulistas!


    I love the Philadelphia one. It's my current obsession. Plus, Koni Store are taking over Rio: there's three in Barra, Centro, Copacabana, Humaita, two in Ipanema, two in Leblon, Botafogo, Gavea, Largo do Machado and I think there's a few in Niterói too. Not to mention Buzios (which I almost went to when I was there last week but service sucks almost everywhere in Buzios and since in Rio Koni service sucks so hard, I was afraid of what was awaiting me in Koni Buzios). There's also lots and lots of temaki stores opening all over the city.

    Daily Rio Life

    Philadelphia - nice. Add the wasabi peas to it for a bit of kick!

    My favorite place in Buzios is Bar do Ze - the passionfruit red snapper is great as is the homemade orange sauce they put on the ice cream for dessert!


    I liked a lot this Keb. The food is very good.

    Daily Rio Life

    Rodrigo - what did you order? Maybe I should give it another chance.


    I think you should. I asked for beef and Cordeiro (lamb) both very good. next time i´ll try another.

    Daily Rio Life

    I think I was so disappointed because I was expecting the authentic sauces like falafel places have...

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