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    February 17, 2009


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    After months of not reading or writing anything blog related i'm back. :) Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well.

    Have you heard about the new laws about citizenship for babies born abroad? I found the info on Robyn Pascoe's site.

    Daily Rio Life

    Glad you are back!!! Thank you!
    The laws stuff - do you mean about babies born to people not born in Canada not getting auto-citizenship? If so, we're okay as we were both born there...

    Robyn Fidler

    True true! For the US as well. It happened to me and to my mom and we just carried both passports along with us. Amusingly the only time I ever had problems with immigration in Brazil was the first time I cleared into the country with my newly minted Residency card. I thougth I was so cool and would just breeze through, but he opened up my US passport, saw my old tourist visa which was still valid and began questioning me why I had both a residency card and a visa. Duuuuugh! I had to have a visa when I moved to the country before I could get a residency card. Guess I now fall on the Brazilian side of the fence when it comes to immigration and will be subjected to more scrutiny!

    (always enjoy reading your blog by the way! didn't mean to lurk... just a lazy commentator!)

    Daily Rio Life

    Good to know that this also applies to Americans!

    Thank you! I always appreciate comments but it is even just nice to know there are readers out there (I don't call them lurkers)!

    Jay Bauman

    Thanks for the blog. Quick question. I am in the finishing process of getting my permanent visa to Brazil (My wife is Brazilian and has helped much in this effort).

    I've done the majority of work already, I am sending in a passport to the consulate in Miami, they just need to stamp it. I've had 4.5 months to get this stamp already (you only get 6 months), but needed to wait until we were really ready to move. Once it is stamped, I have 90 days to enter the country under permanent status, so I need to play these cards right.

    I plan to move to Brazil in July. However, my US passport expires on 19 JUNE, so I will need to renew my US passport prior to moving to Brazil. However, when I renew, do I have to turn in my old passport? Renewing online seems to indicate so...

    I'm thinking of just getting the permanent visa stamped on my current passport (I only have until May 1 to do this), then applying for the renewal of my US passport, hoping to keep both and then go into Brazil in July with both as I enter.

    Will this work?
    Is this the best way to do this?

    Daily Rio Life

    Hi Jay
    I should not give you any advice on the US but in Canada your old passport would be returned and from what I have been told you would bring it with you to show your visa. But I have also been told that it is illegal to travel with two passports! But my mother is planning to do the same thing when she visits here in June. Call the consulate to be sure!

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    I am Brazilian, and I knew it lol
    Actually this rule applies for American visas as well, I mean if you have a valid America visa (generally 5 years)on an expired passport you can use the old one for visa purpose. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply for Canadian visa :(
    I think it is not illegal to travel with 2 passports, but it is illegal get in in a country with one passport and get out with another (if you have dual citizenship), or you cannot get in in a country where you have citizenship with a passport issued by another country, they will deport you if you try it, even though you are a citizen.


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    Nike Vandal

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    Hi guys, I have a question regarding my upcoming trip to Brazil in March 2011 (10 day trip). I went to the Brazilian consulate today (Tuesday, Feb 22nd 2011) in NY and will be issued a visa on March 3rd 2011 for my US passport. The issue I am having has to do with the 6 months expiration policy. My US passport expires July 22nd 2011 (approx 5 months from now) and Im worried the immigration officers in Brazil will tell me that my passport expires before the 6 month time requirement and send me on a flight back. Typically how strict are immigration officers with regards to this policy?


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