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    February 20, 2009


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    Love your headpiece!! I'm looking forward to lots of photos from carnivale!! :) :)

    Daily Rio Life

    Next week...

    Mrs S

    I love that!! How fun! I must have one of my own some day!


    I LOVE it! Carnaval sounds like such a fun time! :)

    Daily Rio Life

    I went last night, lasted the whole night! I took over 600 photos and will post the highlights... sooon... I promise.


    I love your blog. Thanks for writing.
    shannon (vancouver)

    Daily Rio Life

    Thanks so much Shannon! I'm originally from Vancouver Island - not sure if you knew that!


    I am really hoping that you could post some very practical guidelines for people considering moving to Rio. This move is a real possibility for me family and we have no idea what a realistic salary expectation might be to preserve an upper middle class standard of living in a relatively small North American city. We speak Portuguese and understand the culture well but are greatly out of touch with the day to day financial and practical needs of a young family. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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