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    February 13, 2009


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    Especially disturbing since one of the requirements of permanent residency is a clean police record. However, since the US has over 77,000 police jurisdictions, Brazil accepts a letter from the consulate that you are not a criminal (and how would they know?). So, I can see how one could slip by. I have been checking the requirements of Brazilian naturalization and they want about 12 different declarations atttesting that you have no criminal record, no civil lawsuits or bad credit, so you think it would that would make it harder as well.

    Mrs S

    I need to go back and read through your archives to see about your visa process. I was wondering about that seeing as I will be applying very soon!

    It is interesting that these people come to Brazil for refuge...hopefully this really doesn't become more popular!

    Daily Rio Life

    I know, it's crazy how honest people have such a hard time but then apparently it is so easy for others... disturbing....

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