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    January 09, 2009


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    Fabiola Chiarelli

    This is one of thoses things about living in a beach place and it is pretty common when it rains a lot.
    For the AC you can call the assistance, furniture.... I have no clue. But be prepared for the rain season which seems to start really early this year.
    When we lived in Bahia, I had my maid and myself on our toes just looking for mold.
    You can put chalk wrapped in some kind of bandage in your closets to prevent it (this is a good solution), but there is nothing much it can be done.

    Good Luck


    Daily Rio Life

    Thanks for the tips!

    Sorry just wanting to clarify - the assistance, furniture - is that a company?


    Just been catching up with your blog - am a brand new reader. I could really do with your help as I am about to become an expat wife in Rio and would like any information you can provide. Is it a safe environment for a young family? What is schooling like? Do you love the lifestyle? What is expensive there? (cars, housing etc) What is really good value?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Daily Rio Life

    Hi Amanda,
    You'll probably want to read some back-entries of the blog as I address a lot of these things! As far as safety goes, I would say that it CAN be a safe environment for a young family, depending on where you are living and what precautions you take. From what I hear from people with kids, the british and american schools are both fantastic. What is expensive here? HOUSING! (Read some of my back entries) Utilities, anything not made in Brazil (electronics especially, furniture...yes, cars...) so basically everything but shoes, havaianas, clothing, jewellery and local food!

    If you have further specific questions please do send me an email, I'm happy to help - [email protected]
    But I think reading back entries of the blog will help you a lot, especially in the what to know before you come section and finding a home in Rio.

    Fabiola Chiarelli


    For the A/C you should try to call their technical assistance.
    As for the furniture, maybe a carpenter to take a look at it.


    Daily Rio Life

    Ok perfect! Thanks


    I have a yellow pages for Zona Sul. Did you find one/get one yet? If not, I will gladly share!

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