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    January 16, 2009


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    Mrs S

    You cant get on ABC? I didn't know that if you lived in a different place there were things you couldn't come?

    Daily Rio Life

    Has something to do with licensing... but they are all set up differently, for example works in Brazil.


    i stumbled across your blog when I was looking to see if I could find the dress that Jillian wore in the rose ceremony last night (Feb 16th). Since you said you were a friend could you ask where she got that dress. I love love it!! There are many other people looking for this dress too by looking online


    Daily Rio Life

    I've emailed her, Audrey! Will let you know if she reveals her fashion secrets... that girl puts an outfit together unlike anyone I know!

    Daily Rio Life

    Audrey, the dress is from GUESS, she bought it last summer.


    Awesome-- thanks for the help although it may seem that I am out of luck since it was least year.


    Daily Rio Life

    Maybe... but you never know!


    Okay- I can't wait to check out her hot dog theory page!! Myself along with others online are looking for the blue strapless dress, sweetheart design with bubble skirt -- white swirls! It's beautiful. Jillian wore it on the "bust" episode... Can't find that one anywhere - it must have been custom made for her!


    that blue strapless dress is the one i am looking for too! please please please help us find it!


    Hi - I am dying ...dying to know where Jillian got her ivory dress that she wore in New Zealand on her overnight date....any chance we could find out?

    Daily Rio Life

    That ivory dress looked very ZARA to me but I will see what I can do.

    Ajf 6

    You and I have common interests! You are my part of the story!

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