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    January 25, 2009


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    Will that work for Canadians in Canada?!? ;-) Loved the post!


    The small minds of the uneducated can be quite irratating. My brother the doctor - said to me "the reason South America is so backwards is because their language is so backwards...." (discriptor follows the noun etc.)(hummm... did Latin came before Germantic?) I just looked at him like he was an idiot.... He has never traveled to New York let alone outside the USA. I was so tired of being ask if I voted for Bush. "GOD no" then if no one voted for him....? Well at least 50% voted for him... Now, what do I think of Obama being black...? I say... black.. is he black?? They don't see the humor.
    By the way when did Canada get annexed? Please be laughing!

    Camila Kraus

    Hey, I totally get you in the "the don't recognize I am from another place" part! I am brazilian, but I am from the south part... which means, as you may have found out, that I am pretty tall and have red hair and people constantly ask me if I am british, irish, american, german... but no one ever thinks I might be brazilian! Very often people come in restaurants speaking in english with me, or even german... and I have to say "sou brasileira" - which they don't believe at first. And they all call me "gaucha" which is the name for people who come from Rio Grande do Sul, but I was born in Santa Catarina, and we have our own signature calling name... but do you think Santa Catarina exists for people in the southeast? So, if people in Rio don't even know the different peoples of their own country don't ask them to know you are from Canada! We just have to accept that I guess...

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