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    January 08, 2009


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    I have found that it is so hard to find baby supplies here. I have a toddler and am having a hard time finding electrical outlet plug covers here. If you run across any, please let me know! This is one thing that you can't get in the US because the plugs are different. I am about to resort buying some from


    Burigotto is a subsidiary of Per Perego. I bought their car seat and was really happy with it. It was about R$260. When I bought mine the model did not have a base, the newer model now does. But, yes, baby gear is expensive. The equivalent of my US$300 Pre Perego stroller is over R$1000 here. I have only found it on the Lojas Americanas website. I also try to get most toys and baby equipment in the US. In addition, I have found that baby and kids clothes on sale at Target and Old Navy are better quality and cheaper than stuff here. I try to plan ahead and get clothes when the seasonal sales are happening in the US, then get someone to mail me the clothes. I have not had trouble getting outlet covers aren´t hard to find. You can get them off the Lojas Americanas website or at baby stores. At least I have not had trouble finding them. I also found that wallpaper and such was expensive to decorate Kevin´s room, but found darling bedding and other decor (the wooden lamps, hygene kit, picture frames or cut out wall decorations) really reasonably in BH. However, my sister-in-law noted that that kind of artesan stuff, which is all over Minas is hard to find in Rio. I had a lady custom make a set for her with a boy car motiff.

    If you plan to pump get the bags (including the microwave sterilizer bags). It is near impossible to get that stuff here. There is one Medela outlet in SP and I had them send me freezer bags, but it was much more expensive than getting them Stateside.

    Daily Rio Life

    Thanks for the tips Corinne!

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