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    January 04, 2009


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    Have you tried the soap that comes in a pasta (in a little tub)? I have found that it cuts grease better than the liquid stuff in the bottle. I can't think of a particular brand off the top of my head...but it is usually in the same aisle as all the liquid soap.


    Wow, my husband was just complaining last night how horrible our dish soap is! Right now, we have Biowash. This is after trying Veja, which wasn't good either. So now am off to Zona for some Gel Care - thanks! (will look for the stuff in the tub too)

    Daily Rio Life

    It's so funny because everyone here can relate. Unless of course they were lucky enough to try this stuff first!

    Daily Rio Life

    I should also mention it's not quite up to par with typical stuff back home it is just the closest I've found!


    Well, I went and bought some and it is much better in my opinion - it actually makes bubbles! ( I never thought I would be so thrilled that a dish soap makes bubbles, but I am!) Thanks so much for the post!

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