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    January 20, 2009


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    Eeek! Glad to hear you're alright though. And if I'm ever in Rio and need a hospital I know who to call on for advice! ;)


    Glad you're ok!

    I'm enjoying going through your posts-very informative-love the restaurant reviews . I live here in Rio as well, we've probably crossed paths, or at least have friends in common.

    Take care!


    Phew! Glad you are okay! I've been checking back all morning. I was scared something happened to your baby! Hope your knee heals quickly! :)

    Mrs S

    I am SO glad you are okay! I know that had to have been awful!! When you said the word pipe I was thinking OH NO! But Im glad you landed on your knee. The wind slammed the car door on my shins the other day (heavy car door) and I STILL have dents in them. But they also hurt like crazy now! Hope you heal fast!!!

    Fabiola Chiarelli

    Oh My God!!! Take good care of yourself.


    Daily Rio Life

    Thanks everyone! I am moving pretty slowly but rest is important I guess. I go back for a follow up with the surgeon today to see how things are healing. I just hope I don't have to be immobile for too long!!!

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