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    December 07, 2008


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    Don´t feel guilty. Just enjoy this moment.
    As you said, to adopt a kid here is almost implossible. You can do it if you have a QI - it is a slag for Who indicates - or something like that.
    Most of the kids in the streets or even in the care of the state are not available for adoption, because their parents DON'T give up on them officially. The law is just plain stupid. I won't go in this destructive pattern of behavior, but when you are born in a place like Brazil, we have to learn how to deal with kind of imagine and scenes.

    So, just enjoy this moment and do not feel guilty, please?!?!.



    don´t feel guilty. Try to donate toys and diapers through your church or other organization. The mail does a cool thing during the holidays. They have all the "letters to Santa" and you can choose one and get the indicated gift and the mail service will make sure it gets to the child that wrote the letter. There are ways to help, but does not make seeing kids in need any easier!

    Daily Rio Life

    Hi thanks so much! Like I said I refuse to feel guilty but I can definitely see how people could.


    Don't feel guilty!! Enjoy your pregnancy and let people who would say "you should have adopted" take a flying leap! *hugs*

    Daily Rio Life

    I think I'm harder on myself than anyone else - meaning I don't think anyone would dare say that to me!

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