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    December 19, 2008


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    High five on the chipmunks christmas!! :)

    sarah hall

    A thumbs up for the ABBA "Happy New Year" & Mariah Carey's "All I Want"! Tonight, I've been busy downloading Portuguese lyrics to Simone's "25 de Dezembro" in an attempt to familiarize myself with the Brazilian language. This album includes Christmas songs I know so I thought it might help me learn. My daughter left for Rio this afternoon and oh how I wish I were with her.

    Danny Riddell

    Last year, I didn't feel Christmas the way I felt it when I was young. And, yeah, sometimes even if places like malls are already shouting Christmas with their decorations, you still don't feel the spirit of it. But that may be because we are too busy with everything. When I was younger, Christmas started on September. Now, it starts and ends at December 25. But at that day, it felt like I had forever with my family. It's not often that we see each other because we are miles away from each other. I think we should also go for travel next year for a longer celebration.

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