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    December 11, 2008


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    The world is totally a small place! The first person i met at the AWA in Delhi was not only Canadian she was from Toronto. Further discussion showed us that we grew up within a mile or two of each other! Totally true story!


    Yes, it is a small world!! Turns out that two of my collegues here in BH (who I only met AFTER taking my job here), did their Ph.D.´s in the same school at the same time as 2 other people I know, one of them being the guy who introduced me to my husband´s family!! A few summers ago I attended a 10 person course at University of Michigan and another one of the particopants said, "oh, you live in Brazil, do you know my friend X?" Which I always think is hysterical because what are the odds? Well, turns out her friend is my friend too! Find out a couple years later this same woman from the Michigan course works with a woman I went to school with. Yes, I really feel this is a small world. If you move in certain circles, those circles are small and tend to mean knowing the same people!!


    Before I left Houston for Rio, my roommate at work mentioned she knew a woman who's husband worked for Chevron and was living in Rio. WELL, lo and behold, it happens to be Luanne, one of our amigas from canasta! How about that six degrees of separation!

    Daily Rio Life

    It's a small world after all.... love the stories!

    Pandora did you hear that there were people at Luanne's party who coincidentally knew her daughter?


    On my last visit to Sampa, one woman I know was telling her friend in the office that she had a friend from Canada. They were laughing about the funny name of my hometown, Flin Flon, Manitoba. Someone overheard them and said that coincidentally they also had a visitor from that same place. It turned out to be someone who was in several of my classes back in the olden days.. We connected and had a good reunion night telling 25 years worth of back gossip..


    Santiago is very similar in that way. A lot of people walk or use public transportation, and people tend to stick to the same geographic areas of the city. Within the upper echelons of society, it seems that everyone knows each other and is connected in some way to everyone else. I don't always see people I know, but it's not uncommon to run into someones, which in a city of 6 million people really does remind me that it's a small world!


    I love what a small world it is. When my husband and I were in Chile, we ran into the only Chilean couple we had ever met before coming to Chile on the streets of Santiago. We hadn't seen them in 4 years and recognized each other while crossing the street. We have since reconnected, but it was just so crazy and wonderful!

    Daily Rio Life

    DD4Y- My parents are from Manitoba as well, and it is such a small world that one of the former officers of the company my husband now works with went to the same highschool as them (I think he's a year older than my dad). But they are from a small town of about 2,500 people!


    sitting in a small sidewalk cafe in Amboise, France heard "Camillo & Ginger!" looking around, there stood a friend from Petrobras who was studying in Paris.... We shared a good glass of wine and a better laugh. We meet people from the USA/Brazil/Mexico/France/Chili at airports all the time, is fun to make such unexpected connections.

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