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    December 10, 2008


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    You might be best off putting up some kind of temporary netting.


    We had this problem in India. Our solution was to bring screening mesh back with us from home leave. Then have someone install it locally. Not the easiest solution, granted, but it did work.


    you can get mesh screening in Rio and have someone install it. They installed just these kind of screens at my son´s daycare because of the mosquitos. According to my husband the handyman, you should measure your windows and buy the appropriate amount of "telha de mosquiteiro" at a hardware store in your area. Then go to a "almacenaria", (where they sell wood and doors and such - remember there being one on Batolomeu Mitre near the gas station before the Estada Lagoa Barra). There they can make the wooden frames for the windows and cover these with the netting. They should also be able to install them. My husband says that you could always just tack up the netting around the window, but it does not look as nice as making the frames. Hope this helps!


    We have lots of windows in our house without screens and the bars are on the inside. Its really complicated to get the windows open and to get screens on.

    My husband came up with a temporary, but not attractive solution. He bought some screen (its plastic here, not metal) from the hardware store and "glued" it on with silicone, the kind you use around sinks and tubs.

    Its not pretty but it works well.

    Daily Rio Life

    Cool - thanks. If anyone knows specifically of a company in Rio that does this, even better. Luckily the windows which need screens are not necessarily ones we need to look good!

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