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    December 05, 2008


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    I remember Plataforma very well.I liked it but my Brazilian friend told me that it was tourist trap.She teaches capoeira and she said that wasn't very good.Then again she is from Sao Paulo and according to her everything is better in SP than Rio,so she could be just saying that to annoy me because I prefer Rio!
    I can't remember how much I paid two years ago but 130 reals does sound pricey!


    Ah yes, the steady flow of visitors does get to be a bit difficult, but I still miss them when they are gone!

    Daily Rio Life

    You bet! It gets lonely.


    It's tough to warn people away from tourist traps because you know they're popular for a reason. In Nairobi we used to visit this one tourisy restaurant whenever people came to town even tho it was dreadful and there were better alternatives.

    Daily Rio Life

    Luckily I can send people off to do a lot of the touristy things on their own here!

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