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    December 18, 2008


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    As you may have guessed from my previous comments on the subject I AM SO FREAKING JEALOUS!! My husband would never buy me tickets for a madaonna concert and certainly never go with me. I know people who go to concerts all the time who say that she puts on one of hte best in business.

    I have to go an worship her Madge-ness by playing "Like a Prayer" at full blast now. I'm so glad you had fun!! :)

    Daily Rio Life

    Really? Honestly I don't think my husband had the best time (though it may have been the jet lag and travel exhaustion... he arrived that afternoon from Canada!) but I always drag him along to concerts.

    Thanks, yes it was amazing!


    i love it that you read madeinbrazil and even link to it.

    it appears to me that you're an open-minded and inclusive person. though it may not seem like a big deal, your non-judgmental attitude and acceptance is a fresh breath of air.

    i think you understand what i mean. thank you and happy holidays to you and your fmaily & friends.


    Jed - I love your blog, it is soooo informative! I am really sad to hear that you receive any negativity coming your way, but know that you are not alone - not everyone always likes what I have to say around here, either... it's a bit different of a situation, I know, but anytime we put ourselves out there it seems like we also unknowingly put a bulls-eye up too, figuratively speaking... which is unfortunate! Sometimes it's a lot easier for people to sit back in the shadows and throw stones.

    Hang in there :) Happy Holidays!

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    To bad I wasn't there when she was there. Been a big fan of her ever since.

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    Its no surprise when you see Madonna somewhere around the world because she really like charity work.

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    When Rio holds a party then it must be something because they always give the best parties in all of Brazil.

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    Love visiting the place every month and I also make it a point go out at night and have fun.

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    The place truly rocks and I always have fun when I am there.


    Rio is really the place to be when you are thinking of partying.

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