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    December 01, 2008


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    I didn´t put my bet on the post due to high stress level at work, but I was hoping for it.
    From my personal experience, I regret not having a baby when I was an expat wife 6 years ago.
    Because now it never seems that the time is right to stop working (or to reduce the rithm of working) and have baby.

    I wish you all the best for the new family!!!



    *bounce* *bounce* Congrats!!!!!

    I'm so happy for you!!! *bounce* This is such awesome news!! :)

    Do you know (or want to know) if it will be a boy or a girl?

    *bounce* I'm so excited for you! :)


    Congrats!!! there is these good book called "what to expect when you're expecting" its a really good read and you well enjoy reading it I know I did ") I know its had but try not too gain too much weight at first b/c it well all come on at the end I went up too 185 pounds and I am only 52.
    enjoy your pregnancy its a beautiful time when everyone seems extra nice too you ") take walks and drink lots of water and don't forget you fish oil for the brain. blessing to you and your little one. marina


    So the original guess was correct - congratulations... and please do not turn into a mummy blog... ha who am I kidding - once you get ahold of that bundle you will be hypnotised just like the rest of us.

    Stay healthy...

    ali la loca

    Parabéns! How exciting. :)


    congrats. i guessed right!


    Congratulations! I was hoping this was your news, despite all of your objections to a Brazilian baby! :) I look forward to hearing all about it!

    M :)

    Congrats! It's very exciting. Now I feel silly for coming up with so many reasons. . . I should have gone with my gut instinct!


    oh!! congratulations!!! that is amazing!! I will be so excited to read all about it!


    Congratualtions!! Do NOT worry about the weight gain, it is not calibrated to North American body frames!! Of course, don´t pig out or anything, but you will probably gain more than the average Brazilian, because you are not a tiny Brazilian. Just get a OBGYN that does not stress you about this and that you feel confortable with. Looking forward to new news about the pregnancy and birth!!

    Daily Rio Life

    Thanks everyone!


    Congratulations!! Being a parent is the greatest thing! You'll see!


    Congrats to you and Mr. DRL!


    Congrats! Just catching up on my blog reading. I'm a bit behind so I just read the news. How exciting!


    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Having a baby in Brazil will be great( I had my second one at the Perinatal notch!!) i know this may sound nuts but do be careful with the sun as it will nuke your skin and can give you a 'mask' on your face...WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!
    I hope you have a good ob-gyn. Be aware that they prefer cesarians in Brazil.
    Best of luck and if you need any advice about being preggers in Rio, I have been there,done that and got the stretch marks(and i beautiful 11 year old son)

    Daily Rio Life

    Thanks again for all of the comments. The Laranjeiras facility comes highly recommended from everyone I've talked to. I do have a great OB who speaks perfect English and believes in regular childbirth. I will post more about the doctor situation soon as it's been an interesting process...

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