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    November 01, 2008


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    Hey babe... never mind, I am lucky if I make it to 'important' in my own kitchen most days... we are all the centre of our own universe...

    Rio Gringa

    It was for Brazilian bloggers only, so don't feel bad. :)


    I have to second Lynda. I went 3 years without having more than 2 or 3 hits a day to my blog. One of those hits was me and the other was my mother! LOL Meanwhile you may not "important" but you get lots of comment-love and tonnes of hits every day from fans like us.

    Sounds like a success to me!! :)


    Ditto Rachel.. and then some.

    It isn't about being "important". You aren't a Brasilian blogger. You don't speak or write in Portuguese. My apologies if you do, however your blog doesn't seem to indicate anything to the contrary. Also, you write an anonymous blog, you don't post your name, photos of your face or any sort of identifying details.

    Rio isn't a war zone and I'm quite sure there are thousands of wealthy, high profile people that blog, twitter, facebook & orkut in Rio while at the same time revealing identifying details. That's how we found them all to invite them!

    People read blogs to connect, feel, sense and learn from other people who have selflessly bared themselves wide open to the world. By keeping yourself anonymous for no good reason you are unintentionally pushing people away. I know, because I'm an unsubscribed reader.

    Think about this, I have a friend who goes into the occupied territories and posts flickr photos and blogs about it in various places. At first he was scared to post a byline but I just noticed he isn't scared anymore and he is posting his byline. I read his article and almost cried I was so moved by this one simple act. What are you so afraid of? Do you think your fears are stopping you from really opening up to your new country? Brasil is an amazing place, one of extremes which can be frightening at first. Open yourself fully to her and you'll never regret it.


    RioGringa, I just reread the post and did not notice the word Carioca in the first part of the entry. I just saw the sentence with important Rio Blogger. So, my most sincere apologies for my misunderstanding and assumption!

    This is a great example because it goes to show how hard it is to try and communicate in a second language or with people of a different culture - because it is so easy for misunderstandings to happen daily in our own native languages and similar cultures...

    James - you're right I am not Brasilian, do not claim to be, my comments were based on a misunderstanding. If I had noticed the word Carioca I would have immediately realized that - because a Carioca I am not. But I missed that very key word in the first part of the entry.

    If you read more of the blog you would realize that I do try very hard to speak Portuguese as much as possible, and have been taking lessons since before moving to Rio. I get by, despite my very self-deprecating writing about my lack of language skills on this blog. I tend to be quite hard on myself ;)

    No, I do not write in Portuguese, nor do I strive to, it's just not one of my life's goals. But I admire anyone who can write well enough in Portuguese to put it out there!

    Yes I do write an anonymous blog, but I have been known to reveal my identity upon appropriate occasions and have even met some of my readers, which has been great. However, anyone trying to convince me to reveal my identity is automatically suspicious to me.

    Just to be clear, this blog is anonymous at the request of my husband's employer.

    Compared with other ex-pats in Rio we do not have a tonne of safeguards in terms of personal protection - which is fine, and we prefer it that way and enjoy our freedoms - however I understand their unease with me bringing any attention to my personal identity. So in fact what you see as "no good reason" is just respect for their one request.

    I do not see how it would change the blog for me to put my real name or face on the blog. Are people really so superficial? I suspect not. My blog was created to provide useful content and perspective to those moving to Brazil and looking to learn more about living here from a foreigner's perspective. It's not my "journal" per se, although I do find it useful for venting every once in a while, and it has become more personal than I initially intended, and I realize that my readers enjoy this personal part of the blog. I do put personal details about my life on the blog, but do not see how putting these small details such as a name and photo would change anything. There are so many people on the internet who post things under fake names and use fake photos of themselves that it really loses its meaning anyhow. I had an incident once in highschool when an anonymous chatter sent a photo of ME to a friend's brother via ICQ, claiming it was of her! Yikes.

    As far as your assumption about me living in constant fear, I assure you they are unwarranted, and I do embrace this special experience of living in Brazil. Yes, being originally from small town Canada, many things about living in Brazil are shocking and frightening, but I think I keep it in stride and do not let it affect me, certainly not to the degree you assume. For example, I frequently wander Centro alone and up until recently did not even have a cell phone in Rio which meant that for hours on end, not a soul would know where in Rio to even begin to find me. I have visited a favela. I have taken the bus, metro and bonde on multiple occasions. I do not have a driver, or even an alarm system. I walk or take cabs almost everywhere. I drove in Rio recently! (All things that many foreigners here are terrified to do and are warned explicitly against doing).

    I don't really see how my anonymity on the blog has any relation to me opening myself up to the country of Brazil. I do my best to do so on a daily basis while out and about, perhaps not as much as some people but certainly more than most expats I have encountered.

    I'm certainly interested in your friend's work and will check it out, thank you for sharing it!


    personally I am so glad for expats who are willing to blog about their experiences!! I really am learning a lot about the country--the good and the bad. And I am really hoping it prepares me if it comes about that i am coming to Brazil to live or to visit! So my thank you's to you, posts about amway soap, wedding dresses and anything else!


    Haha thanks :)


    There is nothing wrong with a little anonimity in this world. (or however you spell it! :p) I too blog under a false identity and have no problem with it. I do so for much the same reason as you mentioned - my husband's job. I was recently chastised about not blogging more about Egypt's political woes. Although i defended my choices (I've only been here two months, thank you!) i realized afterward that it's my blog. I can blog about things i want to.

    And so should you. Your readership enjoys what you have chosen to share about yourself and Brazil. Don't let one small minded eejit (as my father would say) change the way you blog. :)


    I pretty much do the same as you, except the whole picture and name thing, which I reveal....what is similar is that my site isn't a journal/diary as I wouldn't put that information online. Whats important is your writing and your views/slant, not your picture.

    Sometimes I think twice about the way I run my site (pretty unpersonal) but in the end, I do wish to give people an entry into Brazilian culture and Portuguese, not my personal shortcomings and or successes.

    The good thing about what you do write, and what we all write, is that in the case that we leave our sites up, they continue helping people, despite updates/new posts.

    Keep going at it!



    Haha I think it's my personal shortcomings and stories about them that keep people coming back! I know that readers enjoy the personal side of things - and because I am anonymous I can share more that way than I would if I revealed my identity.


    Your blog is VERY IMPORTANT to me - it is helping me learn a LOT of interesting and useful information about the place my daughter will be moving soon. So keep posting the good, the bad and the ugly - and even the irrelevant - I read it ALL, find it fascinating and appreciate your time and effort in sharing.

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