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    November 27, 2008


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    Novelas are really hit and miss. After watching quite a few, you get a sense of different author´s styles and what would keep you interested. Also, some novelas seem to capture a social issue of the day (MST in Rei do Gado, for example) or create a lasting (at least in the 8 months the novela is running) pop culture addition, like new slang or dress. Globo is also getting novela competition from other channels, like Record. Personally, I just love TV and watched ALL the novels until we got cable. Now I watch US "novelas", like Gossip Girl, Grey´s Anatomy and Ugly Betty. I just perferred to watch US shows. Since my husband did not get into any novela this season, I am out of the loop. I still think you should try to watch "Pantanal" on SBT or just rent some Globo mini-serie like "JK" or "Hilda Furacão". You could watch one episode a night a pretend it is a novela :)


    Hey, I'm brazilian but I like reading your blog because it's very interesting to see my city from the point of view of a tourist.

    Anyway, just so you know, A FAVORITA is really good this week. Next week is the last week. Really stupid comment, I know, but I just felt like telling you that since I was just thinking about it right before I came across this (old) post. LOL.



    BTW, sorry to revive this old post but have you ever watched Maysa? It's a mini-series (it has 9 episodes only and it's aired every weekday, so next week will be it's next week). Maysa was the most popular singer in Brazil and the 60's and she died in a car accident. The show is absolutely STUNNING with an amazing production and the photography is breath-taking (Maysa's son, who is now a TV Globo director, directs the show). Also, the story and dialogues are very easy to follow. You should try to watch it, it usually airs after the 8 PM soap but since Big Brother will start on Tuesday, I'm not sure what time the show will be aired.


    I watch a Favorita on globoonline religiously. It helped me big time in learning Portuguese + it's a fantastic production. It's more a thriller than a regular cheasy soap. Love it, great cast, great soundtrack. Really good. Really pissed off that's finishing. I will have to watch another soap as my Portuguese has improved dramatically and I do not want to lose my fluency! - By the way I found this blog searching for 'A Favorita abroad' on google.

    Daily Rio Life

    A Favorita hmmmm I will have to check that out!!


    You can catch the first episode of A Favorita and also most of Globo soaps and miniseries at I highly recommend it since they have great production values.

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