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    November 22, 2008


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    Oprah is a feminazi bitch. You should trust her as much as you trust pineapple.


    What's wrong with pineapple?


    Hmmm, the average weight is interesting. My husband thinks it could be correct, but only because the average woman here is pretty short. I'm just 5'7", but I tend to tower above everyone when I'm in a group of Brasilian women - even when they're all wearing heels!


    I just love your blog and your expat insights in my country. I´m also an expat, Brazilian living in Germany and trying to cope with the same difficulties as you : language, culture, especially weather... it´s simply too cold here ( a problem less for you down there :P)
    I also agree that Brazilian women are short and really obsessed with being in shape. Not to mention that after the US we´re the second country with the highest number of plastic surgiries!!!



    I think it is funny that people mention Brazilian women being short - my mother in law was just here visiting and said she felt short compared to everyone here (5'4)... I am 5'8 and feel very average.


    On behalf of pineapples everywhere they may be prickly on the outside but they're soft and sweet on the inside. I don't know if the same can be said of Oprah. I'm not willing to extend an official opinion since she can buy and sell me, my family, my extended family, and all the pineapples based only on the money she made in the last 24 hours. *sigh*


    I too wonder about that "average" weight. but, a lot of Brazilian woman are shorter on average than say, US women, but also have lighter frames (smaller boned?). There is a serious obsession with body image, especially in Rio - just try to find any clothes in a size above a 44! I once went into a Taco jeans store and asked for a size 46 andthe saleslady turned to me and snidely said "we usually don´t carry those large sizes!" - um, a 46 is a size 12!!


    I have heard this complaint a lot since I've been here from people - not being able to find clothing above size 10 or so in Rio, especially Ipanema/Leblon. Which always interests me because there are a LOT of locals who fit this profile, so where the heck do they shop?

    But then again I see a lot of people wearing clothes that I would call ill-fitting at best! That is definitely another 'cultural difference' that is difficult to discuss...

    BTW Corinne, speaking of shopping... my friend who I thought might want to check out the Gang Jeans actually MENTIONED them to me before I could bring them up with her - she had read about them. They have a store on Vd Piraja as well as 2 in Rio Sul apparently.... will review soon after we visit there!


    I have found larger sizes in department type stores like Renner and Leader Magazine, but never in boutiques, unless it is a boutique that caters to larger sizes and I suppose you can always have clothes made. Good to know about GANG jeans - they are not cheap at least R$200 a pair, but they are supposed to be ultra sexy.

    Daily Rio Life

    We will soon find out!!

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