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    November 21, 2008


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    I know exactly how you feel!! **hugs** I've lost count of hte number of days i have spent stuck at home waiting for things to happen when i should have known better. People who live in the Real World have no idea!


    I know this was no laughing matter for you but it made me smile! Just one of those things..I've never lived in Brazil but I hate dealing with plumbers,builders etc.Last time I had plumber in he flooded the flat - twice!
    You handled it well.Patience is needed but in the end somehow it all works out.


    Well I'm glad it is at least entertaining (something positive is coming from it then)... yes a sense of humor is essential!

    Trey Hopson

    I do hope that your problem with your A/C unit has been solved. It's really stressful to wake up in the middle of the night just to turn your unit on or off, depending on how hot or cold you feel.

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