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    October 03, 2008


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    yellow light indeed!! All you can do is be reasonable careful. You can´t limit all your activity, it is unrealistic for you not to walk around alone at night. I was mugged a total of 3 times in Rio when I lived there, all in the 1992-1993 stint, but it can happen to anyone, anytime, and not only in Rio, as you point out. Doesn´t make it any less scary.


    OMG 3 times? Where were you/what were the circumstances?


    Each was more of a pick-pocket/mugging than really a robbery (with a gun). The 1st time I was waiting for the bus in Arpoador and someone pointed out that there was gunk (like bird doo) on my shoulder. This was a distractuion technique while guy number two ran off with my backpack. The second time I was walking to Flamengo club and a kid grabbed my wrist. Paranoid about losing my backpack again I protected that and he managed to get my watch (a really cheapo one) off my wrist. The last time I was downtown and someone tried to pickpocket me, but I catch on. All of these could be avoided by paying a lot of attention to my surroundings and at that time, the muggings were not often done with weapons. Ironically, the whole time I did fieldwork and was living in the favela, I never had an incident, inside or outside the favela. Probably just dumb luck.


    Wow scary just the same, but glad it was not that you were terrorized with weapons or anything!

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