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    October 01, 2008


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    The residency cards DO take forever. I was told that it was because of a backlog since the switched companies but you really think that would be resolved by now (this was back in 2002). The first time I needed a residency card I was an exchange student in 1992. The thing ACTUALLY came the week it said it would on that slip of paper they give you as a stand-in for the card. The guy at the window of the Federal Police said I was very lucky and told me to go buy a lottery ticket. No kidding!! Patience, yes for this and most everything in Brazil :)


    The Federal Police told my husband and me it would take one year to receive our RNE cards (this was in January and the cards were only going to be valid for 2 years . . .) Imagine our excitement when we received a notice in the mail back in August that we could go pick up our cards!

    I use it everytime someone asks me for ID now. I feel so "official" these days! ;) My husband is just annoyed with the whole thing though . . . the card is oversized and doesn't fit in his tri-fold wallet!

    Maybe it won't take quite as long as they say for you either! Meanwhile, Mr. DRL might want to think about a bi-fold wallet if he doesn't already carry one. :)


    We finally got our RNE cards in Aug after, yep, a year. We laughed out loud when we went to do the finger print thing and they told us over a year. We wanted to say, by that that time we'll be making plans to move back to the States.

    Going in and out of the city a lot it is sooooooo much nicer to have the cards with our visas than all that paper work.


    I could not believe it! Everyone I've been talking to in the past few days says it takes just under a year. Crazy! I want my card...


    I arrived in Brazil in July of '06. Kept my paper protocolo for the two years, updating it every six months as directed. I was ecstatic when I was finally told my RNE was ready--July '08. Drove to Nova Iguacu to get it and it had expired the day before! After all of this, it was time to renew the next temporary visa, so I went to the federal police to do so, had to forfeit my recently received RNE, replaced by yet another paper protocolo--and once again, I wait for the "official" RNE...patience is a must (and a sense of humor).


    OMG! That is the worst story I've heard so far...

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