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    October 12, 2008


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    Caitlyn Ryck

    I have been reading your blog looking for some suggestions on my current situation. My boyfriend and I have been together for a while, we lived together in Mexico but in the past few months he has moved back to Brazil (his native country) and I have moved back to New York. I am thinking about relocating to Rio to be with him but I think about trying to find a job there and I get worried. I have looked into teaching English, teaching dance and opening a clothing store but I am running out of ideas. We really want to be together, but he isn't allowed in the US without a visa and it will be extremely hard for me to find a job there. I love Rio and I would love to live there but I know it wont be easy. Any suggestions, please email me.
    But I do love your blog. You truly make Brazil out to be the beautiful country it is!
    Thanks so much


    Hi Caitlyn, I really appreciate your feedback! The long distance thing is sooo tough.
    If I think of/hear of anything I will certainly let you know, are you open to doing other types of work to get your foot in the door in Brazil, so to speak? Teaching English to start - then trying to use contacts to find something else - is probably your best bet, but the money is not great from what I hear. Do you read RioGringa's blog? She has taught both English and dance here in Rio, and her blog is very informative!

    Keep in touch!


    Clothing store idea... maybe look into finding clothing/retail that are planning to expand into Brazil's market (US based even) that might need help? Especially if you have retail experience?

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