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    October 28, 2008


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    I used to live in Bahia. And I have to agree with you. It seems that up there, the macho society rules. Men are the bosses.



    We have the same problem here in terms of it being a chauvenistic society. It drives me nuts when people who will take direction from me when i'm on my own will suddenly not acknowledge my presence just because Hubby (who usually doesn't know what needs to be done) is around. ARRGHH!!!

    Men suck! :p


    Hi! Cairo Typ0 told me to come and see your blog and I am so glad that I did! It has been so fascinating to read!! My whole story is on my blog, but basically my husband will probalby be deported back to brazil and I will follow him there while we try to work on papers! So I have been trying to find out as much info as I can before I go!! So I have really enjoyed reading and I will continue to follow! Thanks so much!!


    I do such stuff on my own and am in charge of most of the major stuff in the marriage (read finances) that I really don´t notice taking a back seat. In domestic matters like dealing with the maid, even if I try to refer things to hubby (how is much more demanding about cleaning than I), it does not work. That said, hubby is ALWAYS given the check (eventhough I usually pay) and addressed first when we eat out. I have noticed the same thing at stores though.


    Thanks for the feedback ladies, keep the stories and examples coming!

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