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    October 16, 2008


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    No way!!! glad you're ok now.i can;t wait to hear about your dad and uncle visiting :)


    Oh my god! I'm glad you're ok!! *hugs* It always happens at these important meals (impressing the inlawas, dinner the boss, interview lunch, etc) and the ONE time you don't have your meds with you. :(

    glad you're ok now. **hugs**


    Thanks everyone - I can't believe the kindness of strangers and really appreciate your concern. I am feeling MUCH better. And no more mini-cookies for me...

    M :)

    You're going to be vigilant about that Epi-pen and meds for a while now! Nut allergies freak me out, and who cares about making a scene?! It's the best excuse ever. Glad to hear you're better.


    Oh I know he was really good about it, it just would have been nice for it to not happen when his BOSS was there haha. Thanks very much! Don't worry I will not leave the house without liquid benadryl & the epipen!

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