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    October 09, 2008


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    Doubts?? Gee, don´t get me started...questions, not today (at least). Funny how similiar words meaning totally different things.


    Hahaha! I was so completely confused the first couple times someone asked me that. Now that I am teaching English, I always bring that up and correct my students when they tell they "have a doubt". (Because 95% of the time, they actually have a question.)

    I explain it as a problem with translation, but it is a major issue with learning English here sometimes. Almost all of the non-native teachers were taught to use doubt, and then they end up using it all the time in class, and the cycle repeats.

    I am all for language being fluid, not static, but this is one that really needs corrected because it causes major confusion! (But wanna know something really horrible? I hear it so much, I have caught myself almost using it before! YIKES!)


    Well Emily your point exactly is what really gets me about it - that is who first asked me this was my Portuguese teacher (who, incidentally, also teaches people to speak English!!!), which is obviously a problem as then loads of Brazilians are learning this!

    No fight the urge to use it! But I understand how it happens I pick these things up too from people. In fact, I think there are so many expats here from the south that someday I will have a southern US accent which will REALLY confuse peope when I move home... "didn't you... move to Brazil?"

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