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    October 23, 2008


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    Next she'll bring her ailing friends and family to meet you so you can see them and feel bad for her.

    My ex' in Brazil has an empregada and her child comes every time and plays or helps her mom. My ex and her sis sit and chat with the empregada about life, etc but there is a line where she knows she's on the clock, so to speak (as its more of a contract) and has things to get done. The empregada at your place should be a good businesswoman and fill her open slots with other employers.


    The soap opera that is having a maid is the trade off for the bliss of having help around the house. The dead relatives and children's school fees can't be far behind. Good luck and welcome to the club! :)


    Thanks so much for citing my book How to be a Carioca. Ah yes, the joys of having a maid. I could fill this column with fun stories. To cite one: Friends of mine were having a dinner party and serving shrimp. The cook was concerned whether the shrimp was fresh so the patroa suggested she feed some shrimp to the dog to see if he would get sick (!). Half way through dinner, the cook whispered in the patroa's ear, "The dog died!" Alarmed, my friend rushed her guests to the posto de saude to have their stomachs pumped. As it turns out, indeed the dog had died -- run over by a car.
    Aquele abraço bem carioca.


    OMG to all above... too funny!

    Priscilla thanks for visiting my blog I am so honored and have now bragged to all my friends who are a fan of your book! Our visitors have all really been enjoying the book as well. :)

    Lolla Moon

    Take it from me. She's onl doing all these things because you're a gringa and she thinks you're rich. Which you probably are, compared to her, but that doesn't mean you should be showering her with money. The "I haven't seen dad for 32 years" is probably a hint for you to buy her tickets to holidays in Recife - wheter her dad lives there or not.

    But PLEASE don't tell me you believed all that sh*t from How To Be a Carioca. I've been one for more than twenty years, got said book recently and feel outraged at the huge amount of offensive and untrue stereotypes. It's not even funny. That lady said she'd been living in Rio for more than twenty years but, as many privileged foreigners, she clearly never really bothered to integrate (apart from learning some cliche slangs and phrases). Please don't treat that book as a guide. It's totally bullshit, apart from being completely dated.


    Isn't there a Brazilian movie about the cleaning ladies? I'd love to see that, though, I can't remember the name.

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