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    October 15, 2008


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    I have yet to get used to tropical Christmas. My husband grew up without snow so it's easier for him. But unless i'm out cutting my own tree, knee-deep in powder it doesn't seem like the holidays to me. *sigh*

    christmas tree

    Even in Manmar, the season has started in big shops. They started Christmas sales.


    A truly tropical Christmas is seeing Santa(red suit and beard), 38C heat, arriving by helicopter in mid-December at Flamengo Beach near the Museu de Arte Moderna.

    When you move to the tropics, you have to leave Christmas behind. Just ain't the same!



    I promise to keep everyone posted on the big Christmas tree in the lagoa here in Rio... and on whether or not there is a Santa trying to fly into a favela in a chopper to give presents to the children but ends up getting shot at (happened in Rio last Christmas and made international headlines...)

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