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    October 13, 2008


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    So true! People who haven't lived abroad just can't understand that getting through a totally normal day of errands, making your way around the city, interacting with locals in their language and customs etc is cause for celebration. Congrats!


    I think those back home would just think I was "easily amused!" haha. But I was accused of that before moving here, so what do you do?


    I don't care HOW long you have lived in Rio, driving back to Leblon from Barra on a Friday night in the dark IS an MAJOR accomplishment in my book!! Congrats on the Thanksgiving feast!! Yes, given that it usually takes trips to at least 3 stores to get everything, not to mention trying to navigate it all, daily errands are a feat!!


    Congrats to you!! I just got back from Brazil and couldn't agree more! I was so proud that I had breakfast, bought a bottle of wine, some sunscreen and even got a manicure all. by. MYSELF! Success!


    Ok I can't take credit where it is not due - the dealership was not in Barra!!


    Ha! I totally agree! I live in Norway and when I first learned how to order my coffee in Norwegian, I went around to my friends and "showed off" my new skill :) There was some "yay!" and clapping. Yes, it IS like being a baby... a baby who likes coffee. :)

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