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    September 04, 2008


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    "No, my motto is if I can't wear my wedding ring then it's not safe enough for me to have a baby there"

    I like that! I wish i had had an answer that good while we were still in Kenya! :)


    Thank you it's yours if you need it!


    I also include Mexican food, cheddar (and other cheeses) and good clothing stores in my list of top things I miss. And definitely the worst part of going home is having to answer the same old questions over and over again.


    Hmm maybe we can start a Mexican food petition or something...


    I find this approach rather radical... though it is very personal decision. We have been moving around the world for last 10 years and I think that it is not possible to put your life "on hold" - because place is not perfect. If I though Brazil was too scary - I would not be here myself. Unless it is only an excuse ... giving up our person freedom (= having kids) is not an easy thing ;-)


    Well Ewa, I've learned to never say never and often end up eating my words on this blog. I now have a great vegetable alphabet soup recipe. I think that it's probably part of the fun for my readers now to read all of the things that have changed about me since the beginning of this new adventure...

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