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    September 13, 2008


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    I have the same problem with the mail. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. It does not seem to make a difference fow you send it. I have found that weight makes a difference. Anytime I order heavy books from they take three times longer to get here.


    Last December, I sent a SMALL package from Tennessee to Rio, and it took close to a month. I sent another package (approx. the same size, but a little lighter) on Sept. 5th, and my friends received it on Sept 12th. It only took a week! Sometimes postcards sent from Rio take 12-14 days; sometimes less. There is a huge inconsistency!!


    Well this certainly validates my "no rhyme or reason" observation... Glad I am not the only one!


    Chile has the same problem. I've had letters arrive within two weeks from the US when sent normal mail, but a present to my boyfriend once took 3 months when I'd paid more for global express. My birthday card from England took almost a month...we're still waiting for Rodolfo's!

    My latest frustration is that I sent in my form to vote absentee almost a month ago. I could have paid I think US$60 to send it 2-day, US$30 for something like that week or US$2 for regular mail - since I had enough time, I went with the cheapest option. The guy proudly told me I could track it online, which I've done, only to be told it arrived in Miami the next day and since then has apparently done nothing. Oh, how useful to be able to see that! It's just random, but I do actually feel that the mail has been getting worse lately here.

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