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    September 22, 2008


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    I brought my dog (a Corgi) down and then later my mother brought all three of her dogs (Rottweilers) from Costa Rica no less. I did not find it all that complicated. There are a series of health certificates and stamps on top of these, but it was not so bad. I did worry about the lay-over in Miami and pushed really hard to get my dog unloaded quickly at customs in Rio. But, it was 2002 and maybe it was a little easier then. I know that US carriers won´t carry dogs during the summer, so that needs to be taken into consideration.


    That is good to hear that it was not too hard for you! I think the flights make it difficult on people as well as sedating the dogs being that a lot of people have a hard time doing this. Or the alternative - the dog is totally wired upon landing...


    I'm facing a dilemma about what to do with my two cats: leave them in the States or bring them to Brazil for my trip (almost a year). Do you have any thoughts on this? My carrier is United and they have what seem like fair (but long and expensive) procedures. I don't want them to suffer but I also don't like being separated from them for that long. Thanks for your thoughts.


    You would know best as to how you will cope without your animals (and how your animals will cope). I am no animal expert but DID once hear that cats would prefer the stress of changing owners to changing houses (not sure who asked the cats though...) so moving to Brazil might be a lot for them! Unfortunately I don't have any person experiences to share when it comes to immigrating animals. Where in Brazil are you moving to?

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