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    July 24, 2008


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    Yeah one reason why I left the UK was that everything is so damn expensive(half my salary went on rent and bills etc), you don´t have much left to really enjoy life! (Unless you´re making bucketloads). I Didn´t realise Rio was expensive to live in! Santiago is actually and housing is so cheap here. I would have had to wait another 15 years before I could afford a house back in England, here I could probably buy one in a year or two!


    Is it just Sao Paulo and Rio that are expensive in Brazil? Would you happen to know how the cost of living in Rio compares to cities like Salvador or Recife? Just wondering.


    I think most people are shocked when they realize how expensive it is to live in Rio. I certainly was!
    Ty - I can't quote exact figures but I understand it is significantly less expensive to live in Recife or Salvador.

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