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    July 25, 2008


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    Well, now I wouldn't ALWAYS say it's something they bought at the place! One day we spotted a guy in Belo Horizonte wearing a t-shirt with IOWA splashed across the front of it. We had to strike up a conversation with the guy (which is totally acceptable if you live in Minas Gerais). Upon mentioning we moved here from Iowa, he responded with a confused look and an inquiry into what country that was. Nope, he'd never been anywhere near Iowa, he just found the shirt at the local mall and bought it.

    I could write a lot about the t-shirts here, especially the ones with English all over them. (But then I'd also have to discuss the craziness of all the oriental writing on clothing and tatoos in the US! If I can't read it, I try not to put it on my body . . . call me crazy.)

    Anyhoo, I am totally with you on the buying souvenir t-shirt thing though. Well, except for those few years in middle school when I HAD to have a Hard Rock Cafe shirt from every city I visited. But we aren't going to talk about anything that happened in the early 90's with my clothing, bangs, or anything else, ok? ;)


    Haha I think it is even WORSE if they didn't buy it there! Agreed re: early 90's fashion!

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