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    July 31, 2008


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    Rio Gringa

    I feel much safer taking vans than buses or even private cars, since those forms of transportation are much more likely to get hijacked, held up or robbed.


    Cool. As mentioned I'd heard mixed reviews but then hadn't had any previous personal experience either. Just don't leave a credit card behind (much as I'd advise, well, absolutely anywhere on earth)!


    the most interesting stories about mugging and such I have heard happen in Rio and yours just adds to that, although I too feel the card was not stolen. I am sure the guy figured he had nothing to lose trying a withdrawl. It is not for nothing that stories of people returning found cash and cards make the national news.

    About the vans in Rio, the larger ones are a safe bet and usually are much more frequent than the buses, but stay away from the VW bus-vans. The drivers of these are CRAZY!!


    Noted! Thanks Corinne!

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