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    July 14, 2008


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    the 8pm (really starts close to 9pm) novela is a better bet in the novela category. It is the "prime time" novela and is usually the one everyone talks about. The 6pm novela is usually PG, the 7pm is supposed to be a comedy and the 8pm the main one. However, this new 8pm novela doesn´t seem to be that good (according to my husband. I admit that since we got cable I have pretty much given up on novelas, although I used to be a major junky). There is a rerun of a really good novela on SBT - "Pantanal". It is also probably on DVD, so you could catch up. It is on AFTER the Globo 8pm novela (so that the two major networks don´t have to fight for audiences).

    You might also try the series (Brazilian versions of sitcoms and dramas). They are on after the 8pm novela on Tuesdays and Thursays. "Grande Familia" (Thursday) is usually very good and funny and it is also on DVD. It is about a middle class family from the suburbs. "Toma Lá da Cá" (on Tuesday) is about two couples that live across the hall from one another and used to be married to each other´s spouses. It is reminescent of a filmed live stage sitcom about 10 years ago with the same actors. Although the actors are really good, it is not that funny IMHO. Another couple of good ones that are on DVD but no longer on TV are "Os Normais" and "Carga Pesada". "Os Normais" is about an engaged couple that lives together. It is about neurotic middle-class life in Rio. The dialogue is really fast, but it is funny and has some double-entendres about sex and body parts that will make you feel like a very accomplished Portuguese speaker if you can catch them. "Carga Pesada" is about 2 truck drivers and there adventures all over Brazil. The actors are 2 of Brazil´s best and the pace is easier to follow.

    Every January Globo fills the space before the new season of its series with a miniseries. These are usually VERY good. The one from 2007 (which is on DVD) was about the life of Juscelino Kubeteck (sp), the president of Brasil who built Brasilia. Another one from years ago and really good was "Hilda Furação", about a rich girl turned prostitute. This is probably on DVD as well. There are also 2 classic ones "Anos Dourados" about the 50´s and "Anos Rebeldes" about the pre-dictatorship era. Besides usually being entertaining, the miniseries contain a bit of Brazilian history as well.

    Sorry for the long post and hope this helps.


    Thanks so much, this is great info!

    Hakan Almerfors

    This is a really funny blog. I like it. I´ve been living 5 years in Brazil. The tele novela is a national addiction and if it´s soccer for men it´s tele novelas for women (although it´s very cross-gender). I have had to put down my arms against this in my view "low" form of entertainment, my wife is completely addicted and she´s lost for a few hours 6 daya a week. I see it as there is so much misery and suffering in Brazil that the novela offers a healthy escape from it all (pretty much like the movies used to be before TV).

    One of my biggest problems living here has been the absence of good comedy. "A Grande Familia" is a good exception where there are no heroes, no rich, no good, no evil; just plain ordinary life. I love this show and if there´s anyone out there that doesn´t like novelas, try "The big Family".


    Thanks Hakan, I will give it a try. I must say I have actually seen more MEN that women watching the novelas so far (but I'm used to it, my dad tries to hide the fact that he loves soap operas back home...)

    And thanks for saying the blog is funny, I like people who think I'm funny!

    Hakan Almerfors

    Sorry, my English is not always 100% :) It´s a late reply but I still want to point out I meant fun blog, not funny. I´m sorry if it seemed like I was bringing you down.

    I think you bring up subjects that are really good. As far as I know it´s the only blog around worthwile checking up on this subject.

    It´s really the men? Well they probably try to hide it. I have to admit that I actually got hooked on this "A Favorita" (which starts in a couple of minutes). Proves your point.

    Take Care and keep up the good work!



    No I would really truly take "funny" as a compliment!

    And thank you for the other compliment as well.

    As for the men & the novelas I notice a lot of door men watching them as well as the men at my gym!

    Take care and I hope to hear from you again.


    The trick with using tv soaps is that you tape the show and watch the same show over and over and over. Sit there with a dictionary and try to write down words you don't know or phrases you don't know and look them up. You will get a sense of how to use them and it will absolutely improve your listening skills.

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