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    July 28, 2008


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    UGH!! You hit on one of my pet-peeves!! While I am willing to overlook whether the CPF is really necessary, why is it that any Brazilian can sign up for one (or get a replacement) through a simple procedure at any post office or Caixa Economica Federal, but foreigners have to actually go to the Receita Federal and stand in those aweful lines?? Because we don't have a voting title, and the system has no code (like the 999 beginning Social Security numbers for foreigners for the US) that can be entered in that line. The foreign population in Brazil is not large, but it ain't small either. You think they could spend the $$ to adapt the system to such instances!! Would it REALLY be THAT expensive? Our RNE is usually not understood by a lot of information systems either since it is a different format and issued by a different agency than the RG. Of course now that my US-based credit card has a Brazilian address, I don't fit in a lot of US internet shopping systems either. Kudos to stores that have spaces for foreign addresses!! Maybe Brazilian agencies could learn from them!!

    Lisa the Canarioca

    It does freak me out that they ask for your CPF at the hair salon. I just pretend i don't have one. If someone calls you out of the blue asking for your personal info and 'posing'as the telephone company. be carfeful!!! Identity theft exits here too


    Identity theft, not to mention those fake kidnappings where they pretend to have your family member... it is unfortunate that we have to be so closed off about information about ourselves and makes it hard to meet Brazilian friends in my opinion...

    dan vionic

    When living in Brazil and let's say you purchase something online at a US WebSite to be shipped back to Brazil - what happens? Can you do this? during the import process, so you still need to supply your CPF? Do you get excessively taxed? How does this work? Thanks in advance for your response.

    Daily Rio Life

    Hi Dan - depending on the web site, you may be able to. Amazon ships books and DVDs to Brazil. Last time I shipped something, I paid 70% in import fees, just depends...

    New Balance 574

    Creditors 4 have better memories than debtors . haaa

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