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    July 17, 2008


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    Os Normais is great! But I had the same problem that you are having when I first watched them. The snappy banter back and forth between Rui and Vani made it hard to follow sometimes.
    I also found that sometimes my wife (a Carioca) would start laughing at someting that sounded perfectly innocent to me. She explained that part of the charm of the show was the use of "double entendre" and slang.
    For example, in one episode Vani starts shouting what I heard as "The forest is on fire! The forest is on fire!" My wife started laughing really hard and I asked her why that was so funny and she told me that "The forest is on fire!" could also be translated that Vani was shouting that her private parts were on fire. I started to laugh too.The show is chock full of moments like that. Lots of sexual undertones.
    If possible invite a Brazilian over when you're watching Os Normais and ask them what's so funny like I do with my wife. I get more out of the episodes and eventually start to pick up on some of the jokes.
    Os Normais, O Filme has subtitles and also has one TV episode with subtitles. It tells the story of how Rui and Vani met. It's super funny!

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    Will - this sounds like a good idea. Good to know though that even if I understood all of the words I still probably might not follow the double meanings. The phyical comedy is quite enjoyable as well.

    Chris - just a suggestion but if you want to get the word out about your organization, you are welcome to send me an email and additional information so that I could potentially write about it. I would be more than happy to look into it if you approached it this way (and you would likely have more luck with other bloggers as well, as posting a comment like this which is unrelated to the post topic might be seen as spam by some people).


    the dialogue of Os Normais is really fast and I don't know of anywhere you can get the synopsis, although I have not scoured the web, so you never know.

    I also recommend watching it with a Brazilian to get the double meanings. The premise of the show is that they live together and are engaged to each other. They don't cheat on each other, although Vani might, in a fight, say she is going to jump the first guy she sees. The humor is really about how they deal with each other's neuroses. You also might try Grande Familia, it is a little easier to follow.


    Yeah it sounds like it's pretty popular! The first few episodes I watched it's like - there was some sort of stripper that he called to the house, while she was off with an old man (who I think was supposed to be a politician), then there was another where they somehow got involved with another couple on a train???

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