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    July 14, 2008


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    Hakan Almerfors

    Wow, this will really be good news. Good cocolate in Brazil! The complete belief that you have to saturate everything that isn´t salty in sugar has destroyed a lot of the cuisine here. I´m gonna buy it this week. (One of the sweet things I do like is the little cupuacu sweets from Amazonia that you can buy in many restaurants and supermarkets).


    Yes Hakan I agree about the sugar (and if they don't add sugar, it's Guarana!) there will be a post on this topic soon...

    Enjoy your treat :)


    Hi sorry to bring up an old post, but I can never ignore anything relating to chocolate. I am a serious chocoholic, so I appreciate this info. I'm moving to Rio in the very near future, so I'll be on the lookout for Les Amants! Btw, is it actually chocolate made in Brazil? Because the name sounds French, and having lived in France, I was extremely spoiled with exceptional chocolate. If it happens to be French then I'm not surprised it's good, but even if not, that's ok, as long as it's yummy!

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