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    July 29, 2008


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    Having been to both, I think you summed it up really well. I had a great relaxing weekend at a friends' house in Angra - helped by the fact that they had a gorgeous house and their own boat! - but would probably choose to go to Buzios if traveling alone. Hope you had a good trip!


    I have been to both, but my stay in Angra was away from the beach. I liked Buzios, but it seemed you needed a car to get everywhere.

    Another place I really like is Paraty. It is not as fancy as Angra or Buzios, but has the advantage that you can get there (and around) without a car very easily and has nice places to stay. Everything is in walking distance and there are some little shops and nice restaurants. The skooner excursions to the islands is really nice and very reasonable. Not a place to practice any water sports, but a nice cheap getaway. Lately they have been doing some cultural events there as well (a book fair and such).

    Another place of interest is Arraial do Cabo. I have never been, but some in-laws went and loved it, and we are planning to rent a house there in January. It is supposed to be the sea diving capital of Brazil...

    Hakan Almerfors

    Angra is fantastic if you have a car, friend with a house and even better a boat, otherwise the actual town is a really dull and drab place.

    Paraty is lovely, good shopping and restaurants. Culture!

    Búzios is very beautiful and well organized, reminds me a lot about some flash Italian or French resort. I have met many people that loved and also many people that didn´t like. Those who didn´t thought it was a place for snobby posh people and a bit soulless. If you like toparty it´s definitely the choice, mostly on weekends but during the wehole of July as well because of Brazilian holiday makers.

    Arraial do Cabo.I myself have been living almost a year here and I love it. Good for watersports and diving is excellent! It´s the cheapest of them all. It´s pretty simple and no nightlife to talk about, a few restaurants are ok. A car gives you a lot more options since you can visit some beautiful beaches in Cabo Frio as well.

    I have a page on my this page on my site that has more info about places around the state of Rio de Janeiro, it´s


    I definitely want to check out Paraty and Cabo Friio and Arraial do Cabo.... so many things to do!

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