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    July 21, 2008


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    I live here in Brazil for good and have a little (19 months) boy. Yes, kids are loved in Brazil, but being pregnant and having a kid in Brazil also has its drawbacks. Delivery is very medicalized here - the C-section rate in Brazil is one of the highest in the world and natural chidbirth is an oddity. At my delivery, my husband was only allowed in the room when I was practically crowning!! Not to mention pre-natal care in a language that is not your own. I had a very good experience, but had an expat friend who got pregnant while they were in Buenos Aires and she flew back to the US to have pre-natal and delivery - she just did not feel comfortable enough in Spanish (plus her husband worked A LOT and she could have family helping for that all important first month).

    Also, daycare is either all or nothing: a fulltime nanny or 8am-6pm daycare center with nothing on weekends or evenings. Babysitters are not the norm here. I have my son in daycare, but would love a babysitter for an occasional dinner out with hubby.

    So, I support your decision to wait, if that is what you decide. I LOVE having my son, and you can do it while working (although my career has slowed a little - I am an academic), but gone are my carefree days of doing what I want when I want to.

    If you want to know more, I would be happy to share my pregnancy experiences with you. I also have an American friend in Rio who had her baby without drugs, who would have more to say about how to do pregnancy and baby in Rio (I am in BH)


    Thanks Corinne - very interesting! Yeah don't even get me started on the C-section issue that's a whole other post for a different blog...

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