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    June 27, 2008


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    Oh my - she is huge! Give me a break, the media is so ridiculous. She is beautiful!

    I've found that what differs is the Brazilian definition of 'beautiful'. It is closely related to letting it all hang out. Yes, there are truly beautiful women in Brazil, but the ratio of attractive to unattractive is the same in Brazil as it in any other country.

    I think it has to do with the tanned, beach, Brazilian bikini mentality. However, if you head to Miami, the CA coast, Nice or the Australian coast you'll find similar 'beauty'.

    Sorry to go on, but this has been one of those things that irritates me here. There are beautiful women everywhere. Brazil is no better off than other countries in this area. Hate to burst their bubble. :)


    I totally agree with you about many Brazilian women expecting me to be fat or troll-like because I'm not from here (imagine their further shock when they find out I speak fluent Portuguese!). My Brazilian boyfriend actually doesn't find the women here to be any more beautiful, though he does think that Brazilians take more pride in their appearance and grooming.

    I don't think Karolina looks bad, but you did pick one of the most flattering shots of her--the one taken from behind wasn't nearly as flattering!


    you sound like you're complaining, i read all your articles and honestly.... why do you live in brazil? Brazil is like the beauty country of the world & yea of course they're going to pick on Karolina because in the industry she would be considered fat . it's not easy for a country where there is a lot of women and not enough men so what do they do, something called competition.

    Daily Rio Life

    Lori - agreed, the ratio is the same. There are beautiful women all over the world. Shhh don't tell the Brazilians I said so...

    Zoe - Validating to know I am not the only one! I agree with your boyfriend about the grooming, etc.

    Bebe - I am simply stating the facts. If it comes across as negative, well, I am not writing this blog to sugar coat what life is like in Brazil, I am certainly not being paid by the Brazilian tourism board to write this blog. If Karolina is considered fat in the industry, it's interesting that she managed to secure a job for herself modeling. As for the last sentence of your comment, it is certainly the most revealing - as often I have comments left by Brazilians who are offended by something I've written, and I soon discover that it's their grasp on the English language (or lack thereof) that is the root of the problem. Similarly, it can be difficult for people to grasp my sense of humour and tongue-in-cheek perspective - one of many cultural differences I write about. That is what the blog is about, cultural differences. Finally, if you read all my articles, you wouldn't have to ask why I live in Brazil, and if reading my blog upsets you, I suggest you stop.

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