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    May 03, 2008


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    Richard McLaughlin

    I have been living in France for nearly 20 years now. It is funny how the value of the dollar changes. I have looked forward to going on trips to the US because I am rich over there
    - first I don't have the 20% tax on everything
    - second I don't have to worry that the social charges make a $1000 salary really cost a company $2000
    - third I find clothes that fit my 195cm frame!
    - and better yet, I may be getting a pay raise before my next trip over!


    A change in buying power can change a lot...

    M :)

    As a journalist, I must sat that the article, for lack of a better word, *sucked.* How about some facts sprinkled in those bullet points? Honestly.

    I'm really on the fence about the whole thing. When I worked in the UK, I loved the health care support, days off, and the money! But in a time of economic hardship, is it worth the cost of relocation, which can be (as you know) very costly? Not every job covers the cost of moving.

    And then what if it doesn't work out, either your experience in the country or the job itself? It's awfully risky to try to return and become employed in times of hardship.

    I worked in Brazil in 2005 and 2006, and despite today's strength of the Real, it IS more difficult to maintain my personal "quality of life" standards.

    I really feel like during the past few months, uninformed journalists have been taking us for a ride. Have they even been to the places they're recommending for relocation?

    That being said, Brazil still is my second home and always will be. This type of "reporting" just bothers me. What a piece of fluff.


    Good to know! I also felt the need to add some of my personal experiences, and caution people, thus the 'My comments' section of the post. I think (trying to see the good in it) that the intent of the article is to put the idea in people's head that they have options and potential upside in hard times, but I can see what you mean, the tone could be seen as flippant and "go do it already..." rather than encouraging a deeper look into it first.

    There is no one solution for everyone and every foreigner-working-abroad situation and package seems to be slightly different.

    People need to make the best decision for themselves based on their personal circumstances, bottom line.

    M :)

    I totally agree with you! It's a good idea if someone hasn't considered it. (I told my husband all about this article today, btw. Ha!)

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