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    May 20, 2008


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    Hey I just arrived in Rio and looking for a clube to practice tenis for example! Thans for the info but which one did you choose finally and why?



    I am also just looking for a tennis club here in Rio but i personally havne't been able to find a great selection but i am told there are plenty? Marc, did you find a club? Would also be interested to know which one you choose (blog writer)

    Daily Rio Life

    Mercedes - have you gone on tours yet? All of these facilities offer tours. I think Paissandu is a favorite with expats as it offers the most for the money.


    Does anyone have an answer for where to play tennis if you're in Rio just for a week or two? Do any of the clubs have day passes? In the past I've used the hotels, but the Sheraton tennis staff are not that good. There is one at the Intercon who is decent, but I've played him now perhaps 10 times over the past 2 visits and I need a change. Thx


    I'm living in Leblon across the street from Paissandu Atletico Clube. I am here with my family for about 5-6 months. Has any expat actually joined this club? I'm going to visit soon to see how difficult/easy it is to join. I was also looking at Club Navale.

    Daily Rio Life

    Arturo - as I state above, many expats have joined Paissandu, many friends of ours are members. Club Navale - you will need a referral as the article states above. Let me know where you end up and what you think of the clubs!


    Clube Naval is a grat place with two swimming pools, tennis, squash, a churrasceria you can rent for events, a sauna etc.
    This club is owned by the Brazilian Navy so most of the members are BN related.


    LOB let us come play for a day (even let us rent rackets for R$30) cost R$60 / hr.

    Only problem is that it's pretty far from where we are staying (Arpoador), so with taxis, etc it gets expensive.

    Does anyone know if Paissandu allows either day / week / or 1 month pass?

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